Pinterest (week 5)



This week I will be reflecting upon the site Pinterest. Prior to enrolling into my unit of ICT, I would regularly visit Pinterest therefore, I possessed prior experience with the site and found it easy to navigate. I enjoyed the boards regarding craft activities and I would often choose a craft activity I could create with my daughters at home. Whilst exploring the weekly topics I have learnt teachers have an immense amount of resources at their fingertips via educational blogs and sites such as Pinterest becoming a platform for exchanging ideas. Howell (2012) refers to this as Computer-Supported collaborative learning (CSCL) underpinned by Vygotsky’s social learning theory.

Pinterest allows one to post comments, ask questions and learn about a specific topic by watching tutorial demonstrations or viewing visual aids. A teacher may choose to use these ideas and incorporate them into their own classrooms. (BBC Active 2010) suggests utilising Pinterest to view and attached educational video, store ideas for future lesson or for teachers to collaborate globally about techniques, learning styles, strategies and lesson plans.

(E Loop, D Media) suggest teachers working in collaboration builds higher success rates for the students as teachers have the opportunity to try authentic and fresh ideas with the latest links and resources to cater to the classrooms needs. Pinterest allows teachers to broaden their repertoire of ideas and forge new activities in a diverse classroom. An engaged learner is what all educators seek to foster, Pinterest can help achieve that.

Please visit My Pinterest board for pins I have found interesting and added to my page. I may use some of these ideas in my classroom or ask the students to seek ideas and add them to my board for our class to explore together.

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