Scratch (Week 6)


scratch 1


Reflection this week is about my experience using Scratch, a program which enabled me to create a moving animation. My experience with Scratch was to say the least, challenging. Scratch has its own language and functions that require training, experience and repetitive use to create intricate animations. I questioned the purpose of this program for educational uses and this led me to explore the Scratch website more deeply.

Firstly, Scratch has a tab called Scratch Ed which is designed to facilitate other educators with the program for its use in the classroom. It also provides forums for educators to collaborate and provides further information linking curriculum outcomes to the program.  Within the curriculum guide it states it is designed for‘ a teacher who wants to support students; development of computational thinking’ (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority 2013).To define ‘computational thinking’ , this is when a person utilises computer science skills to problem solve, this program will build skills needed for students to problem solve and conquer more elaborate or sophisticated higher order thinking skills.

Lastly, skills gained from Scratch can become a basis for programming and coding computers. Students today will experience different career paths to previous generations therefore, training students in different skills will provide them with the prior knowledge needed to pursue future careers in ICT. (Netzel 2103) believes by 2020 the role of computer programing is predicted to rise however, if classrooms are not catering to learn such skills students may become disadvantaged in future paths.

Please watch the video links for a deeper understanding


Australian Curriculum Assessment and reporting Authority, (2013). Educational services of Australia.

Netzel, N. (2013, Dec 18). Students get ahead of the game with computer coding. McClatchy – Tribune Business News Retrieved from



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