My Reflection upon Feedback and the Rubric Marking from my Peers.



Zac Gibson rubric markings for Bianca Brooks

Helen Baileys rubric markings for Bianca Brooks

This week all students had the opportunity to become a teacher, each student was required to mark and provide feedback to two peer blogs against a rubric provided. My first peer was Zac Gibson, I agreed with most of Zac’s feedback however, I questioned my academic integrity of my blog and understanding of the task. Zac’s feedback lead me to question what an academic blog looked like, is it in first or third person, and does it need to be referenced or just thoughts pondered during the weeks of learning?

From here, I questioned my tutor and made corrections to accommodate my blog to consist of both first and third person and also ensured all my blogs linked back to how each program could be used in a classroom. I also agreed with Zac regarding my sentence structure, academic writing for me is a weakness however, an example on how I could have improved a sentence would have deepened my knowledge on how to make these changes on my blog and in future academic writing.

My second peer was Helen Bailey, Helens comments were brief and regarded grammatical errors, leading me to revisit my blog to edit and adjust the errors I had found. However, once again an example may have guided my learning into an in-depth understanding of my errors.



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